Why Bacteria Protected Ihram needed for Hajj & Umrah | Avtex100 Ihram

Why to buy Avtex100 Ihram

Every year Around 8 million pilgrims from 183 countries across the world perform HAJJ & Umrah . This substantial number of people from across the globe is likely to carry lots of Bacteria, Virus & germs which can lead to various Life threatening and skin diseases impacting health and hygiene. The major use of low quality Ihram is enhancing the risk of such diseases. This is becoming a growing concern today. To protect you from Bacteria we bring Avtex100 ihram for your Hajj & Umrah.

  • Avtex100 best Quality Ihram,
  • 100% TC IHRAM that protects you from transmission of Bacteria and Virus.
  • Avtex 100 is your trusted Ihram that keeps you safe and comfortable while performing Hajj and Umrah!
  • We are bringing you Premium quality products.
  • Being the Authorised Seller of AVTEX 100 products and customers can expect original AVTEX 100, products which means no copies or imitation
  • Protect from Bacteria, Virus germs & skin diseases

We aim to serve Original Avtex100 IHRAM to our customers.

How it looks:

Please note: Goods must be returned to us in original unused condition, and in original packaging


AVTEX 100 IHRAM is a phenomenal, first of a kind invention by ifm3, a private German institute developed a technology and a solution for functional textiles. This biotechnological solution is dermatologically tested in German lab and effectively works on textile which protects your body from cross contaminations of rnicroorganisms transmission of BACTARIA & VlRUS and acts as a safe guard or shield to germs.

hajjessential.com.bd is introducing a German Technology Origin IHRAM AVTEX 100, the World’s first of a kind functional textile which prevents cross transmission of Virus & Bacteria.

AVTEX 100 IHRAM a skin friendly non- medicated, HALAL and organic functional Textile that gives you a maximum prevention from germs and ensures your peace of mind, safety and comfort. It is non-sensitive to skin,